PACE Student 2014-2015 that completed a student internship.

Sydney Lizette is in 11th grade, and has completed three years at PACE. Sydney is an intern at Allenstown Elementary Preschool, she started in February of 2015. Starting her internship, she went in with no experience of Childhood Education. Her plans after high school is to become a social worker, or counselor for children. She believes that her internship is helpful because it is teaching her how children think and behave, as well as how they see the world in their eyes.

Lexi Wheeler is in 11th grade, she has attended  Pace Career Academy for the past two years. She works at a daycare with 3-4 year olds. Lexie started six months ago, and is still working there. Her job is to help them learn new things and watch them grow from her point of view. Lexie's plan after high school is to go to college for Early Childhood Education. She loves working with younger children because it is what she wants to do in the future.

Keana Reed is in 12th grade, completed two years at PACE. Keana's internship is accounting, at Poultry Products Northeast. Where she has worked for two years, and is still working. Keana has learned basic accounting business, and financial strategies. After graduating high school, she plans to get her degree in forensic accounting. Keana answered yes to her internship being helpful because, it has allowed her to explore business opportunities and money management.

Tianna Xavier's internship was with the Allenstown Pre-School program, this was Tianna's 2nd year interning in the Preschool program. She assisted teachers managing pre-schoolers in various activities, reading, social skill and school readiness. Tianna will be graduating this June and is looking at Early Childhood Education as a career field.

Destiny Gauthier, completed several internship in her two years at Pace. Last year Destiny worked with the Allenstown Preschool program and worked with the Bridge program and an alternative middle school working on social skills. This past year Destiny worked on the Democratic campaign, took video editing classes with the Concord public tv station.

Tyler Burpee a graduating senior completed his internship with the Concord PD, participating in their citizenship awareness program. Tyler also worked with the retailer Game Stop and has been invited to participate in their managerial program this fall.

Angel Matthews, internship at Suncook Valley Animal Clinic. Angel participated in intake of animals, surgery on various dogs and cats. She was responsible for caring for animals in the kennels, and the exercise yard. Due to her hard work and dedication, Angel will be attending a national conference this fall with one of the veterinarian's in Washington DC.