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Sue P,speak about her and her son's relationship to PACE Career Academy
If you are looking for a school that offers teachers, staff and administration that truly care about each individual student, explore what PACE Career Academy has to offer. Academic focused life experience, internship opportunities, community involvement, and accommodations for all learning styles are all part of the package PACE has to offer.
After three high schools and a few very challenging years, my son can celebrate high school graduation thanks to PACE Career Academy.

PACE met Josh where he was in his life experiences and learning style, and brought him forward, even though at times, it was one step forward and three back. Sarah, Martin and all the staff stayed with him and applied the appropriate level of discipline and guidance to allow him success, which empowered him to continue to move towards his goals during some of his most difficult months. The end result, he was able to reach his goal, which was to be a high school graduate.

PACE is a school that understands individuals and the simple (but sometimes obscure fact) that everyone learns differently and at their own pace.

I highly recommend PACE Career Academy to anyone that wants to give their child the opportunity to learn in a small, friendly environment where every student is important and their goals are achieved. 

Thank you
Sue P
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