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Jackie Roy's comments on her son attending PACE
We entered PACE Career Academy with a low impression of the public school system. The system may work well for the majority of students but if you are blessed with an individual then you may have challenges. We had challenges and were faced with what to do.

We visited and considered several school alternatives for High School. From home schooling, private schooling, public schooling and charter schools. We did not find a suitable fit for our individual circumstances. Until, of course, we found PACE Career Academy.

When we met with Martin Castle we not only interviewed and discussed the philosophy but also the credibility of the school. We did not want to be in a Charter School that did not follow through with their own guidelines and gained a less than acceptable reputation. PACE Career Academy interviews each individual and abides by the standards they set. This is important in maintaining their integrity. 

When our son entered PACE Career Academy as a senior, we were not sure if he would graduate at all, never mind on time. The staff patiently and consistently worked with him. A process that could not be taken in the public school system (purely due to numbers and constraints). I am forever grateful they followed through with their core values, expectations and assisted our son to graduation, on time. 

Thank you!
Jackie Roy

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