Penalty for Violation of Responsibilities

If users violate any PACE Career Academy part of this policy or engage in any other activity which school authorities deem inappropriate, they will be subject to disciplinary action consistent with due process procedures.
Upon the first violation during a given school year, the student’s computer privileges will be suspended for one week – even if the student is enrolled in a computer-intensive class.  The student is responsible for making up any work that is missed due to the computer suspension.
A second offense during the same school year is cause for dismissal from the school since technology and its responsible use are core components of the educational program at PACE.
Parents will be notified of violations of this policy in writing, including any disciplinary action to be taken, requiring their acknowledgment.
Any violation of law will be reported to the appropriate authority.
Right and Responsibilities of PACE Career Academy
For the purpose of this policy, user means any person authorized to access the school’s computer systems or networks including, but not limited to, the Internet.
The Internet is supplied for use on an “as is, as available” basis. The PACE Career Academy does not imply or expressly warrant that any information accessed will be valuable or fit for a particular purpose or that the system will operate error-free.
The PACE Career Academy is not responsible for the integrity of information accessed or software downloaded from the Internet.
The PACE Career Academy will not be responsible for any liability or expense incurred in connection with use of the system. Users agree to indemnify the school for any expenses, including legal fees, arising from use of the system in violation of this agreement.
The system administrators reserve the right to refuse posting of files and to remove files. The system administrators further reserve the right to immediately terminate the account or access of a user who misuses the network resources.