Reporting Procedure

  1. Any student who believes they have been a victim of bullying may report the alleged act to the PACE Career Academy Director.  If a student is more comfortable reporting the alleged act to a person other than the Director, the student may contact any PACE Career Academy personnel.
  2. Any school employee, or employee of a company under contract with PACE Career Academy, who has witnessed or has reliable information that a student has been subjected to bullying shall report the incident to the student’s Director of PACE Career Academy or designee.
  3. Upon receipt of a report of bullying, the director or designee shall, within 24 hours, forward a written report to the PACE Career Academy Board of the incident and the Director of PACE Career Academy or designee’s response to the incident.
  4. The Director of PACE Career Academy, or designee, shall, by telephone, and in writing by first-class mail, report the occurrence of any incident of bullying to the Parent or legal guardian of all pupils involved within 48 hours of the occurrence of such incident.  The notice shall advise the individuals involved of their due process rights including the right to appeal to the state board of education.