PACE Career Academy offers its students a quality education in a safe, healthy and supportive environment within which we ask our students to make responsible, moral and humane choices.
To accomplish this, we insist that our students uniformly respect the dignity, rights, beliefs and property of all members of the PACE Career Academy community.
In administering its behavioral expectations, the PACE Career Academy faculty strives to balance fairness and compassion for the individual student with the need to maintain consistent and equal treatment for all its students.
BULLYING POLICY (Revised, April 2005) – In compliance with RSA 193-F
PLEASE NOTE: The NH Legislature has revised the state law regarding bullying.  The School Board will be revising this policy during this school year to reflect the new law.  Parents will be notified when the new policy has been approved.
It is the policy of the PACE Career Academy that its students have an educational setting that is safe, secure, peaceful and free from student harassment also known as bullying.  The District will not tolerate unlawful harassment of any type and conduct that constitutes bullying as defined herein will not be tolerated.