Electronic Devices - Cell Phones, MP3 Players, etc.

In order to facilitate a focused and productive work environment, PACE Career Academy limits student use of personal electronic devices during the school day.

Cellular phones and other electronic communication devices are not to be used inappropriately during the school day.

Personal music devices (MP3 players, iPods, etc.) may be used in classrooms when the teacher deems it appropriate. It is not appropriate for any device to interfere with learning by creating a distraction or disturbance.

When participating in an internship, job or on a field trip, students will adhere to the policies of the sponsoring company. Any violation of those policies may result in removal from the internship, job or field trip.

Teachers may confiscate devices if used inappropriately. Confiscated devices will be turned into the office, where they may be picked up at the end of the day. Repeated violations will result in confiscation until the student’s parent picks up the device.