Declaration of Commitment to Safe Schools

As a school, PACE is committed to creating a safe environment and recognizes the following responsibilities to achieve this goal:
  • Agree not to bring any materials to school or any school event that will be   harmful to themselves or others.
  • Will seek adult assistance when an unsafe situation arises.
  • Will not support or encourage other students in creating unsafe situations.
  • Will teach their children about harmful materials and keep harmful materials away from children.
  • Will support the school’s policies and work with the school in developing programs to ensure a safe environment.
  • Will teach children to settle arguments without resorting to violence, encourage them to use conflict resolution skills when necessary, and follow guidelines for maintaining a safe environment.
School Personnel:
  • Will ensure that students have an anonymous way to report to an adult any unsafe situations.
  • Will promote conflict resolution instruction for all students as PACE Career Academy as part of the curriculum.
  • Will communicate district policies on violence to all parents in the school community.
  • Will report all serious violations to law enforcement officials according to established procedures.