Academic Honesty

Students are expected to exhibit honor in completing their own work. PACE Career Academy considers honesty to be essential for each student’s intellectual development. Therefore, student work must follow fundamental expectations and proper academic guidelines with regard to doing one’s own work and/or giving credit to others when using their work in whole, part, or through paraphrasing. Students who have questions or uncertainty about their course work and academic honesty are highly encouraged to discuss the matter with their teacher or other school official. A violation of academic honesty is any action or attempted action that may result in creating an unfair academic advantage.
Plagiarism is presenting someone else’s work as your own. All words, ideas, opinions, graphics, or other material that is not original to the student must be properly cited using in-text citations. This applies to using other’s work in whole, part, or through paraphrasing. Quotation marks must be used for direct quotations even for just a few words. When in doubt about the proper use of citations please talk with a teacher. The proper process for citing work is taught and reviewed throughout a student’s career and it is the student’s responsibility to adhere to these common academic guidelines.
Cheating is similar to plagiarism in that cheating involves taking credit for knowledge the student has not attained or credit for work that someone else has done. This might include tests, projects, and other assignments. The most common form of cheating is copying or attempting to copy from others (with or without their knowledge).  In our electronic age, this obviously includes information or work received electronically. Students who make their work available to others for copying or plagiarism are also guilty of cheating. Students are expected to do their own work and keep their work to themselves unless the assignment includes specific directions to share work, such as group work situations. If in doubt, students should ask a teacher.