Because encountering new ideas; showing respect for other’s views; meeting oral, written and performance standards; and learning personal responsibility are all core objectives of PACE Career Academy’s curriculum, it is the belief of the PACE Career Academy that attendance is essential to each individual student’s educational and work related success.
Therefore, students have the responsibility to be in school participating fully in their classes on a daily basis. Students and parents must understand that any pattern of repeated absences will seriously jeopardize a student’s ability to successfully complete a course of study and affect their ability to be placed in a career internship or a job.
Daily Attendance
Daily attendance is kept by each teacher. Parents will be notified if the student is expected for class, but is not present.
Students, parents, school staff, and possible law enforcement personnel will work together to resolve issues resulting in poor attendance when necessary.
Students are considered tardy if they arrive to class after the beginning of the morning or afternoon session.
Any student who is tardy to school due to a medical appointment is expected to obtain a note from the medical office where he/she was seen.
Punctuality and reliability are expectations in the workplace, tardiness issues will be addressed by the staff at PACE with the student and parent with a goal of resolving the problem.