Medical, Dental, Life Insurance, Long Term Disability and Professional Development

Professional Development
PACE Career Academy shall reimburse each full time staff up to five hundred ($500) dollars for seminars, clinics, and workshops taken within any school year provided that the Director has given prior approval. The Board retains the right to determine the number of staff members permitted to attend specific activities.  Staff development funds will be set at 1% of the total budget for the school year.
Health Insurance  
1. PACE Career Academy agrees to pay 80% of the premium for the HMO health plan - individual plan - for each full time PACE Career Academy staff member who subscribes to such coverage.  Employees may elect a POS plan, but shall pay the difference between the POS premium and 80% of the HMO premium.
2. PACE Career Academy retains the right to choose a different insurance carrier provided that coverage meets the requirement of the Federal Health Care Law. Employees electing not to participate in the health insurance coverage will not be entitled to any compensation.
Dental Insurance
PACE Career Academy shall provide Northeast Delta Dental - Dental Care Program for each full time staff member, for a full 12 month period.  PACE Career Academy shall pay 80% of the premium cost.

Long Term Disability
PACE Career Academy  shall pay 100% of the premium for long term disability insurance for each full time staff member, said insurance to have minimum benefits of 66 2/3% of salary to age 65 after a ninety (90) day waiting period.
 Life Insurance
 The Board shall pay the premium for a life insurance policy for each full time PACE Career Academy staff member, payable to the Beneficiary designated by the teacher. The amount of the life insurance policy shall be an amount between 20,000 dollars and 50,000 dollars to be determined by the applicants health record and the insurance company, it shall also include accidental death and dismemberment.
Transmittal of Premium
 All payments for insurance premium shall be timely transmitted to insure that coverage shall not
be interrupted.