PACE Core Values

All members of the PACE community:
  • Will encourage and support all to achieve their personal best in all social and academic pursuits.
  • Need to be respectful, courteous, and positive toward all members of the community, school environment, and ourselves.
  • Will mentor and support one another through education, example, and friendship to become responsible members of the community.
  • Will be responsible for their actions and will be accountable for them.
  • Deserve the opportunity for a safe, non-judgmental environment to foster the growth of individual strengths and talents.
The core values represent how members of our school community will conduct themselves. Behavior that does not reflect an adherence to these core values will be addressed through discussions with oral and/or written classroom agreements made between students and staff members. Continued behavior that is inconsistent with core values will be addressed by written individual agreements made between students and the Director. Consequences for serious behavioral infractions will be issued at the discretion of the Director. These consequences, which will be accompanied by a written contract, will be designed to facilitate the student’s assumption of responsibility for his/her actions, the development of self-monitoring of behavior and adherence to the core values of our school community.