PACE Career Academy is dedicated to allowing students to partner in the design of their academic, career and personal growth paths with a goal of becoming an essential part of their community, family and world of work. This non-traditional high school offers a highly personalized combination of personal development, core academics and career experience.
  1. To support students’ development of self-confidence, personal responsibility, work ethic, and a life plan.
  2. To utilize both Common Core and cross-cutting competencies to provide students with a concrete, focused and practical pathway to graduation and their adult lives.
  3. To emphasize the use of authentic assessment in the evaluation of student’s attainment of competencies.
  4. To provide a rich and varied background in the uses and manipulation of various technologies, which will supply students with the foundation to apply and evolve their expertise with these tools in any career setting.
  5. To work collaboratively with students, school personnel, parents and community members to create a highly personalized and inclusive education and career plan for each student.